29 May 2017
Conference Transcript




SENATOR CHIZ ESCUDERO (CHIZ): From the part of the Senate, Bicameral Conference Committee of the disagreeing provisions of the universal access to tertiary education is hereby resume. Chair would like to acknowledge the presence of Senators (Bam) Aquino and (Sherwin) Gatchalian.

HOUSE MEMBER (HM): Part of the House, we'd like to recognize the presence our senior vice chairman Ben Evardone (inaudible) Congressmen (inaudible)

CHIZ: Madam Chair, we would like to put on record and confirm that over the weekend, the committee secretary, staff of the Senate and House met, and the members are present as well that some of the disagreement provisions of the two versions of the bill and have come to an agreement. We would like to make manifestations on the record with the respect of the some of the provisions of the bill. May I recognize in this purpose, Senator Aquino.

SENATOR BAM AQUINO (BA): Yes Mr. Chairman, for the record we would like to state that the proposed effectivity of this law shall be in the second semester of school year 2017-2018.

CHIZ: That's the intent.

BA: We will no longer do this in the bill however for the record, for time immemorial wish to state for the record this is the intention of both panels of the House and the Senate. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

CHIZ: Having what Senator Aquino said the effectivity clause is submitted in fifteen days following the official publication of the newspaper of general submission of the Official Gazette which in the ordinary course of business would happen sometime in August at the latest perhaps of this year. So in the second semester would be covered by this act already so the budget be appropriated for 2017 not be enough and not be enough this is only Php8-B. Congress is either on option of approving a supplemental budget for this purpose or including it in 2018 General Appropriations Act insofar as accounts payable are concerned for the applicable SUCs, MUCs and (inaudible).

HM: Mr. Chairman, can we request UNIFAST to prepare the estimated budgetary funds for our purposes as we deliberating budget for 2018.

HM: Mr. Chairman, I think maybe the proper agency would be CHED through PASUC for the SUCs. UNIFAST could probably take care of the proposal for the test and the student loan program.

CHIZ: Chairman,distinguished members of the House and of the Senate Panel, we would like to formally present the agreed version for approval of both Houses, so that the secretary can prepare the corresponding committee conference report for signature.

HM: For the record, before the final version, the private schools more or less at this point in time, has 55% of the total number of students in the tertiary level and that is the reason why it is proposed that they be included in the expanded (inaudible).

CHIZ: Also in relation to draft before we finally approved it, in relation to Congressman Lobregat said, the intent of Congress insofar as stating the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges, Coordinating Council of Private Education Associations; and the Association of Local Government Colleges and Universities. These organizations in the education are changed insofar as name and characteristics concerned with the help of Congress insofar as included in the nearest concerns, if not them for their successor senators to be part on the UNIFAST board. Anyone else? On the part of Senate, is there is a motion to approve the Bicameral Conference Committee report in disagreeing provisions of the universal access to tertiary education act.

BA: Mr. Chairman, I move that we adopt these changes.

ESCUDERO: There be no objection same here is hereby approved and adopted according to (inaudible)

HM: From the part of the House, I move that we accept only the changes in the bill proposed and we approve the (inaudible).

HM: Seconded.

HM: If there be no objection and it has been moved and seconded, these new provisions of Senate Bill No. 1304 and House Bill No. 5633, thank you.

CHIZ: Both the House and Senate panel to remain so that you can sign already, the committee report will go to the Senate to be signed (inaudible).






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